Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Donating A Quilt To a Non-Profit

Times are difficult right now and I now there are so many scams going around the internet because it is easier for people to find us.  I recently asked about a home for rent in our area that I had seen on a realty site and I received a response from the Craigslist site where it was.

Scammers had actually downloaded all the info on the house and were trying to get me to rent it because they are missionaries in Africa.  I knew it was a scam and let the realtor know about this.  I am blessed, I have worked in law enforcement and do not trust people in many ways.  

So, when I set up the Facebook site to collect quilts for Aurora Colorado, I knew many of you would respond and still others would not, because like me you are leery about internet requests.

Today, I had an opportunity to apply for a $20K award to help others using Facebook, to make this drive a continued success to not only complete the goal of helping Aurora, but when it is done to help others.

So my question is this to you...

Would you be willing to donate a quilt more readily if this were set up as a non-profit so you could receive a receipt and claim the quilt as a tax deduction?

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