Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fair Awards

After sitting patiently one day for hours, Alysha (aka Diva Girl) took some amazing photos of the Hummingbirds visiting our station.

We didn't Photo Shop them, enhance them in anyway or change them from what she shot, we just printed them and matted them and she came away with one 2nd place (the red ribbon) and four 3rd places (the white ribbons).

Here she is showing her awards off as a human easel and don't you just love that smile?  She is such a sweet and humble little girl.

Diva girl  is now signing and dating these photos and has 3 of them earmarked for fa.mily.  There are two left if anyone would like to contribute to her college savings fund, she is asking $25 each and will send the ribbon with the photo to show it was a fair winner.

I believe the 2nd place one is going to her daddy when he comes home in 2016.
She has already been snapping new pictures for next years fair and who knows, she may win the judges honor next year!


Pokey said...

Alysha, your photos are wonderful, I would have given them all First Place Blue! Your happy face is lovely, it's a winner, too ~

Quiltingranny said...

Awe Pokey, she is smiling larger than she was in this picture and she said thank you. You are such a doll1