Sunday, August 12, 2012

Family Fun

With the weather here on the coast of Washington and our usual budget issues, it is rare that we do anything costly as a family with the one exception always being our local county fair.  This year Diva girl and I entered some photos we took in the fair and that shaved $14 off the price of tickets. Not to mention we always purchase ride bands and the kids can ride the rides over and over all day long!

She entered 4 photos of hummingbirds she took one day and this one took second place, the other 3 took 3rd place.  She is going to sign them and we will frame them and give them away as gifts to family members at Christmas.
Mine took third place and since it was taken with a very cheap cell phone, I was pleased!

Unlike most fair goers however, we forgo the fried Twinkies, Oreo's other gastronomic foods and settle to pack our own lunch in a cooler, get a hand stamp and eat lunch and relax in the car.

After lunch, we then take in all the animal exhibits and other things to settle our stomachs for awhile.  Normally, I can do rides here and there, but for some reason after the first one which the kids call run, run, jump, make me nauseous right away so hubby and I found a cool shady place to sit and watch the kids have a blast!

The last ride of the day, I was conned to go on the Octopus and was not a happy camper at all. I realized I just do not like being upside down and spun around quickly at the same time.  I was wanting off the minute they left us hanging upside down.  Sadly, yet thankfully, someone barfed and our ride was cut short...oh, thank you Jesus was all I could say!
Here was the first ride the family went on (minus me) as I was heading out to look at the quilts and then guess what?  I got so into the quilts I forgot to take any pictures of them at all!  I couldn't believe it.

However, you can bet this was a most amazing family day and Diva girl was so happy for the ribbons she won!  This week coming up we have a few short day trips, vacation this year are more staycations.

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Love Of Quilts said...

What a lovely time. I couldn't ride those rides if my life depended on it, you are still a young one yourself. Good pictures.