Friday, August 10, 2012

You CAN quilt!

Many of you have told me that you can sew, but do not know how to quilt, never learned how to quilt or just don't know where to start.  If you could quilt you would be happy to give to Aurora Colorado Shooting victims.

I thought about this the past few days and it dawned on me, excuse me for hitting myself in the head..DOH!!

Anyone who has sewn can make pillowcases and have probably done more than their fair share at turning out pieces for pillow cases, covers, etc.


1- Decide on the size quilt you want to make and cut 2 pieces of fabric and 1 of batting (I am finding old blankets or those fleece blankets that are being sold all over for great prices works well).
2- Layer the fabrics right sides against each other and place the batting on the top layer.
3- Pin all around leaving a 10-15" opening on one side.
4- Sew all around the quilt sandwich (now you know why it is called a sandwich...2 pieces of fabric with 1 in the middle, just like bread and lunch meat) leaving the opening.
5- Remove the pins, trim the threads and the seam allowances a bit but don't cut through the stitching. Turn right side out.
6- Smooth by hand, iron and then sew the opening shut with a blind stitch (I use a decorative stitch on my machine and sew all around the quilt and close the opening that way.
7-To 'quilt' the layers together you can tie, add buttons in a random pattern and just have fun like I did here:
This one I used lots  of buttons in all sizes, colors and shapes. I added some whimsy as well with buttons shaped like baseball caps, bats, computer, cell phone. This is when you learn how to sew buttons with your sewing machine.

Not only does it look pretty, it secured the layers together so they don't shift!

When completed, you have made your very first quilt and can keep it or send it to someone in need!

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Love Of Quilts said...

That's a idea. I would love to see the whole quilt.