Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Majestic

What is more majestic than Mother Nature and the wonderful creations that are in the forest?  I am not talking about my quilt, I am talking about the majestic animals of the forest depicted on ti...bear, deer, moose not to mention the river in the background.  Simply breathtaking!

That is how it has been for me with the Aurora Colorado tragic shooting, it took my breath away, it made me cry, it made me angry and it made me want to do something to reach out and help these people heal.  That is why I am asking, bugging, nagging over and over again for some of you to reach out and send a quilt to help those that are hurting.

Please stop thinking you won't make a difference, I promise you that you will!

Please stop thinking there are others who will step up...maybe some of those working so diligently already will become tired and pray for help.

We have one group that has sent close to 20 quilts alone and it is because someone cuts, someone quilts, someone binds and someone labels the quilts, it is an act of love and kindness, it is paying it forward.

Please get involved.  If you can't about it, FB post about it, request a flier to pass out to quilt shops.  Lets show Aurora we care!

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