Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Amazing Aurora Quilts, Keep Them Coming!

Amazing Squares
Very Masculine
Pink Bricks
Looks like Cinnamon
Loving the Pattern here!
I love these 6 quilts that were made for the Aurora First Responders. 

Just look at the variety for men and women, some lap sized and some larger and so amazing because these are just 6 of the 13 she is sending out in the morning.

What makes these even more special in my heart is this is the second box of quilts this group has mailed off for a total of 28 (I mean 28 from one single group). This group takes parts of the quilt from what i understand, one puts them together, another quilts them and another binds them.  Then they are placed in a large black garbage bag, all the air is sucked out, they are taped and placed on their way!

Here I was feeling pretty good that I have made 2 and a friend donated a 3rd and I got that box off yesterday.  Today I finished my 3rd or the 1st to go in the second box.

Please friends, please help us help these people.  If you can't quilt, knit or crochet as I stated we are taking donations for postage.  Today a lady who lives near the above group contacted them and asked if they would be willing to finish some quilt tops.  They made a deal, she will deliver them, the other lady will quilt them and they will go back to the first to complete the binding.

Talk about team work!  This is what it is all about, coming together as quilters and saying I can't do this on my own, but with someone else I sure can.  You can get a group of church ladies and young girls together with sewing machines, fabric, scissors and thread and one can cut, someone can sew, someone can bind and soon you have 1, 4 10, 15, 29 completed!

If you want to make one and can't afford postage, postage will be paid for you. Having trouble with fabric costs?  I have someone who is donating fabric.  Do a cheaters quilt.  Take a quilt sandwich, a ruler and marking pen and draw 4 or 5" squares and quilt on the lines then you have what looks like a pieced quilt, but is really very simple!

If I had 10 or 15 of my followers commit to one quilt or afghan each or even 2 we would make a huge dent in our needs.

Let me know if you want to help...please, we seriously need everyone!

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