Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aurora Quilt Drive

So here are some things in the past week or so I have taken away and learned from this:
1- Not everyone who can quilt, knit or crochet will contribute and that is okay.  
2- Quilts are going directly to Aurora, so please (with the exception of the person I already agreed to), do NOT send tops only. We need completed quilts, no one at Aurora will be able to put them together and it really defeats our purpose!
3- I know shipping is expensive and that is why I asked or smaller lap sized or a bit larger quilts.  In a Medium ($10.95) or large ($15.95) priority mail box, you can fit 2-3 of these in the box, so please do not use the expense of postage to keep you from mailing.
4- We were blessed early on with a check to help with postage and we still have some left. So if you truly cannot afford to mail a quilt off, contact me and I will get you a postage paid box.
5-Quilters are generous.  In the past week alone, Aurora has received 20+ quilts and we are expecting many more.

A thank you from Kevin at 911 Cares:
' I just wanted to stop in and drop a HUGE THANK YOU from the team at 911 CARES. We are the parent group that started the push to assist the Aurora dispatchers and then comes Jean, one of the kindest people we know. Then YOU all jumped in to help. I know your quilts will keep these people physically and mentally warm during their stress reaction and recovery. God bless each of you. (Kevin)'

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