Friday, August 3, 2012

Home Changes

So while we are not at all happy with our home modification, we have decided to continue working to bring our home up to where we want it and continue to look for a home that fits our needs.  Once we do, we will lease our home out so the payments are being made and we don't have to walk away from it.

One of the first rooms we are tackling is our grandsons room. We paid a professional painter in our area in 2007 to paint our entire home and every wall he painted is peeling.  This one started small but the kids started picking at it and pretty soon it looked like this.

Then I decided I could strip all the paint off his walls and repaint, so now they look like this.  It just got to be a job bigger than I am and after talking to 2 other paint contractors it became obvious the work required to repaint these walls would be to much!

What happened was the painter used oil based enamel paint over latex walls and for us to try to go back to latex would be a huge job. 

So, since the walls are 86 year old plaster that is chipping, we contacted a contractor and WhooHoo, next Saturday they will be pulling off the old baseboads, heating vents and starting the drywall job!

In about 3 weeks, I am hoping to show you pictures of new walls, fresh paint, new vents and blinds.  Can't show you the new baseboards until the new carpet goes in.  When it is done, we will be working with an electrician to replace all the old knob and tube wiring with new.  Hopefully since the house has partially been rewired this won't be to much.

My only issue is we have an easement over our driveway and that causes us many problems.  We are trying to see if the owner would be willing to sell out but not sure how that would work.

In the meantime, I will continue to make lemonade with lemons!

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