Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Quilts Are Pouring Into Aurora

If nothing else I have been told I am tenacious and when I grab onto something I do not let go.  I grabbed onto the fact Aurora needs our help and for those who have told me they have no time, no funding, I understand.

But when someone says they will help out and they send 15 quilts all at one time they made over a period of a few days, I say  I am humbled, I am amazed and I am in awe!

This from Marilyn in Vacaville, how amazing is she while I am working on my 2nd quilt and getting it completed tonight to ship 3 out tomorrow.

What about these lovelies sent from Seattle? Not just anyone, but a very special person who asked to remain anonymous.  
Today, Aurora received 18 quilts and that not over covers the 14 dispatchers that were on duty, it starts the remaining 67 to complete the entire department of 82 operators.  How amazing are quilters?  How amazing are those that quilt, knit and crochet?  

I can't wait to see the ones that are coming from knitters and crocheters.  Please, lets not sit around and think I don't need to help, there are others that will do this.  Just one that is all I am asking for and if we each send one, they will receive the 300 we need for not only them but those that were wounded, those first responders on scene and those that lost loved ones.


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jennifer robin said...

These quilts are amazing!! I am pround to have been a part of this collection of love!!