Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sue From Cyprus...No-Reply Blogger

Sue, you are replying and sending me Emails as a 'No-Reply,' blogger and that is where I think the problem is. I have no way of contacting you and though I post the comments, they do not appear to be coming through.   

The other issue is that when you are sending me your Emails, you have not once enclosed a mailing address in any of them that I have received and I have no way besides posting on my blog what is happening.  The next 
Email you send me, please put your mailing address on it.

You leave me no way to contact you at all.  Your Email shows up as no-reply blogger, so only you can change this, I have no way of reaching you without a legitimate Email and mailing address.


Sue from Cyprus said...

Jean, this is so strange! I really don't understand why my address is not being shown up on any of my emails that I have sent to you. I will have to get my daughter to work on this tomorrow morning... I am so sorry but it's midnight here and she has an early morning shift. I will get her to fix the problem before work. I am so sorry for this delay.
Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x
PS I don't suppose the fact that I have no blog has anything to do with it?

Sue from Cyprus said...

Hi Jean, we tried to rectify the problem but it looks like you still haven't received my email to you. I could give you my address here:
Sue Kontishi
PO Box 24034
Nicosia 1700

I hope this is suffice?
Hugs, Sue from Cyprus