Monday, August 27, 2012

Family Vacation

 We have learned sadly Toto, we aren't in Arizona any longer when it comes to camping where it is mainly first come/first serve. No, in Washington and Oregon, it appears you have to make camping plans 6 months to a year in advance and since we never know what is going on in our lives...we don't do that.

So, we were lucky to find a very local lake campground less than 20 miles away and tucked behind the City of Montesano in the trees and since we chose the middle of the week, we were finally able to go camping.

Have to give thanks to our wonderful friend Joelle who lent us her tent trailer to camp in, so we were up off the ground and had some lighting in the evenings and a place to put food we didn't want to leave outside such as bread so the kids wouldn't squash it.

What is camping without a girls best  friend?  This is Diva girl sleeping in until 10:00 even though we were camping and notice she is training the new puppy to be a Diva as well and she was tucked way under the sleep bag and snuggled in deep.

Here was our morning entertainment for the 3 days we were camping. An otter family of 4 would come out in the early mornings and swim, dive, chatter and just entertain the entire bank of campers on the lake side of the campground.  We also had a chipmunk and the last night, a noisy racoon!

What is camping at the lake if you don't have a boat? Hubby has this small boat with an electric trawling motor and took each of the kids out fishing and this is Diva girls first time in a boat, the smile she is showing is trying to convince us she is glad to be on the boat.

We had Smores, watermelon, macaroni salad, grilled hot dogs and burgers but sadly not one fish was anyone able to catch.  We played cards at night, watched the stars and enjoyed our walks.

Even the kids said they loved being away from the phones, computers and cell phones.  Now that was a really great trip!

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