Monday, August 27, 2012

Update on Project Bring Joseph Home

In November 2011 my son Joseph was beaten pretty severely by another homeless man trying to take his dog away from him.  We began praying and set up a fund called Project Bring Joseph home.  If you missed it, you can read it here

It was an effort to help find us a home where we could bring him and he would have his own space for him and his dog and yet give him something to do to keep his mind busy as he is mentally ill.  Many of you stepped up with prayers and stories you shared of your own family members.

To date, we have received several anonymous donations and now have $500 in our fund to find a home.  Sadly our credit report is not going to allow us to finance a home without credit, so we are now looking for home sellers who want to do an owner finance.

We found a perfect place recently with 1/2 acre of land, large garage with an apartment and bathroom off to the side, the owner is asking $79K and if we could get financing we could make an offer for much less since it is an older manufactured home and banks will not finance.

It is an estate home and we were told on our initial offer we needed to come up with more down and less terms so we countered with an offer a local banker and others felt was more than enough.  We haven't heard back.  Hubby was in the area yesterday and spoke with a neighbor who came over to talk to him as he was checking the property out...she knows there has only been 1 offer and that is ours, she knows he is desperate to sell and he is up against the home across the street which was built in 2007 and asking $5K less.

We initially offered full price with a years lease, 20% down and payments for 5 years.  Today hubby asked me to contact the realtor with the years lease, lower the price of our offer with the same original down and payments for 3 years at which time the house will be paid in full.

I am asking for prayers for this situation.  

Perhaps tomorrow I will have the strength to talk about how our neighbor has become unbearable to live next door to with her dogs, new boyfriend and the issue over our driveway. But right now, I can't!

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