Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This Is The Reason I Quilt

So, today I received a FB post from Julie Buck at Aurora Colorado Communications Center.  As of today, Aurora has been blessed with 49 quilts and that is just over the half way point to quilting the entire communications department.

Are they happy?  Are they thankful? You tell me, here is a picture of a quilt they received and the dispatcher that received it.
If you haven't made a quilt for these amazing men and women yet, please reconsider, they are such a dedicated workforce and you will never know that until you need them and hear that calm voice on the other end of the phone say:
'911 What Is Your Emergency?'

Once the center is completely blanketed in quilts, we will begin on the 12 families of the lost, so if you would like to make a quilt for one of the families, please contact me as well!

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