Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dear Kia, I want a little Soul!

So, normally I do not like little cars and I don't know if it is the shape of the Soul or the cute little hamsters they use to advertise it, but lately I have really been salivating over the green Kia Soul and dreaming how it might be if once in awhile when I run errands or have to drive to Seattle, I could go in style and not Granny/Soccer Mom style in my mini-van.

Don't get me wrong, my little Dodge mini-van has been in our family for almost 6 years now and aside from a very expensive trip to the mechanic because I couldn't do a tune-up prior to it being past one, she runs like a dream in spite of the fact I have scarred her up many times on the rock that juts out over our driveway and others have run shopping carts into her.

I have 2 more repairs to do to her a door gasket and an electric window repair and then I have promised her I would take her into the plastic surgeon or is that the fiberglass surgeon and get her nicks taken care of and have the bumper replaced where someone ran into her and never left a note.

It is an amazing car for our trips to football games, trips to Uncle John's house, Seattle and where ever we choose to go, she is easy on gas and comfortable for the kids to sit and read or play games without crowding each other.  

The Kia Soul on the other hand, wouldn't be so kid friendly with 3 or more kids, but it would be a fun car and since I am not into the huge SUV's because I have issues with depth perception and parking and yes, backing out of my own driveway and the cost of gas, I think a Kia Soul would be perfect.

Dear Kia:
    I love your little Soul car, it is simply simple.  Not usually one to be picky about my vehicles just as long as they are reliable and drive, but this little car is so darn cute, I find myself wanting one of these adorable cars. Of course, it wouldn't be very compatible with 3 growing children who are getting taller everyday.
    Still, running to Costco and being able to drop the back seats to load up my groceries is much easier than having to wait for someone to come shopping with me because I can't get into the back seat of my mini-van.
    Speaking of mini-vans, I am a 56 year old grandmother raising 3 grandchildren and all my life I have had to have sensible cars due to carting kids all over and my frugality in not wanting a large gas guzzler, but this little Soul rocks and I could look really cool with the hounds tooth check seats and moon roof. Oh yeah Baby!
    Though I cannot ever afford a cute car like this (I just paid my mini-van off and payments scare me), if you ever have a contest to give one away, or you just want to give one away, I am here and I will gladly take one in Alien of course.  That color is nothing more than amazing.
    Sadly, I know you must keep the hamsters, but I am willing to accept one of those to show people how really cool I am!  

Tongue In Cheek,



Love Of Quilts said...

Nothing wrong with dreaming.

Melinda Cornish said...

dreams are good....I wish I could make it come true. you deserve it.

Quiltingranny said...

I am just a dreamer!