Sunday, September 2, 2012

Don't Tell Me Your Dog Doesn't Bite!

How many times have you heard that?  My husband works for a telecommunications firm and has been bitten 6 times over the past 20 years and each was a yappy little dog!

Well, we have repeatedly asked the three neighbors around us that let their dogs run to stop!  Stop letting them run around.  Each time we hear, 'oh don't worry, they won't bite, their bark is worse then they are, they are little and want to be big!'  I say cow poo poo!

We have a puppy and she isn't allowed to run wild outside or in the house. We keep her on a leash and if she ventures off our yard, we tell her no and bring her leash back.  I want her to know her boundaries.

The latest issue has been of a Chihuahua that runs into my yard and poops, runs up to the puppy or any of us with teeth bared and barking...I have taken to turning the hose on him when he gets to close in the hopes I will not have to use anything stronger as the animal control officer recommends bear spray.

Last night my grandson was playing at one of the neighbors with their 4 year old grandson who loves Jony to pieces. He had been over there for about an hour or more and taken to sitting on a bench in the yard.  When he stood up, the Doxxie ran out of the house and jumped up on him and nailed him in the thigh:

He now has 4 puncture wounds and bruising from this dog.  We cleaned it out with Peroxide and then got admonished by the doctors nurse to not use peroxide ever again as it kills healthy tissue. We put Neosporin on it and a bandage.  However, I have decided to take him to the ER today to have it checked out as we really don't know if the dog is up to date on shots or not.

We also filed a police report of the bite and if the neighbor winds up being billed from our insurance company for the cost of the emergency room visit, so be it!  I am tired of irresponsible dog owners who can't or won't control their pets, think they need to go everywhere with them to WalMart, into restaurants, etc.. If your dog is NOT a helping pet keep it home please! 

Take your dog to the park, a pet park, for a trail walk, but don't take it to places that are full of strangers they don't know, you are seriously asking for trouble when it bites someone and trust me when I say 'my dog doesn't bite or has never bitten before.' isn't going to  fly when you get the other persons bill or the city fine for having your dog off a leash and once it is marked for life.

To my knowledge the dog in question has never bitten before, but she has come running up to me getting in the car baring her teeth and barking, they let her and the Chihuahua run wild, if you don't want to take care of your pet, DON'T GET ONE!!

I know there are some of you that will think I am being harsh so let me share one last tidbit of information with you.  This same family last year let another dog run loose all the time and one of the family members was backing out their car and ran it over and killed it!  They have lost others to animal control.  They just replace them and let the new ones run loose!

All I am saying, is be a responsible pet owner and take care of your dogs and your cats!


NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I'm sorry that you've had such horrid experiences with dog bites. I hate when people let their dogs roam and run free or be off lead. I am glad you reported the incident but for many, fines etc are the only thing that may wake them up. I do have a small dog now-Bichon, who is shy and I take him with me at times to socialize him but he is generally on a leash and sometimes in my arms because we had a standard poodle bite him when he was a puppy and we were walking him.
Take care, Noreen

autumnesf said...

You are not being the least bit harsh. I love dogs (and have two) but will be the first to kick or hurt any loose dog that approached me or my children. No one can guarantee that an animal won't attack. If we could there wouldn't be so many dog bite claims against peoples home insurance. And yes, you most definitely need the neighbors home insurance info so you can file a claim for the hospital fees. That's what it is for.You can even call your insurance first to find out exactly how to handle it.