Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Where Do You Shop For Girls Clothing

Yesterday we went clothes shopping for the girls. Lucky for me only one of them needed shirts as the other got her sisters entire closet given to her from last year and some of the clothes she never wore.  We shopped Target for 2 pair of jeans and 1 pair of shorts, diva headbands and socks.  Tomboy couldn't find any jeans she liked:
#1- She hates skinny jeans
#2-She refuses to do colored jeans at all

So, we left Target and went to J.C. Penny. Hello, is it me or since they have changed their pricing has their quality gone down and prices gone up?  I loved when I could buy the girls nicely decorated tee shirts and yesterday all they had was the WalMart quality paper thin, granddaughter was telling me what she saw from her shirt, low scoop necklines or short shirts? 

It was trashy and immodest and not at all for a young girl of 11years old.  I think they do this so you will spend more money because one parent told me, 'we are learning how to layer.' I am talking not one store in the mall had decent clothing for young girls.

She wears cami's under all her clothing, won't buy pants that when she sits shows her butt, doesn't like thin straps, tight sleeves, vee necks or low scoop necks, won't wear inappropriate wording and trust me we saw it and the latest of burn out or cut out what ever it is thin netting to save manufacturers money, she won't have.

So, bless her heart, she has 3 shirts for school. We looked at Old Navy and will order her a few things she liked but I am going over to a friends Christian Tee-Shirt shop and buying her some clothes she wants to wear.

I am sorry, maybe you think your daughters are adorable in skirts that show their butts, shirts that are low cut or see through. However, that is not the style in our home and I am just sad to see so many parents buying arm loads of this junk! Seriously, it bothers me to see it on teens and young adults, but girls that are not teens shouldn't be forced to dress this way.

Shame on J.C. Penny, Macy's and yes, even Target. I expect to walk into Forever 21 and Maurice's and find this, but the 2 shirts we did find that she loved and were not over exposed one was from each of those 2 stores.

We have found a few at Old Navy and hope when I get paid next week to order on line and they will fit her!


Jodi A Clwtr, Fl said...

Good for you and your family. I think the clothing kids wear in schools these days are horrible. It is getting harder and harder for parents to find acceptable clothing to buy for their children and it seems that they give into these stores and buy because thats all they can find.

Theresa said...

Have you looked at Land's End? I got a lot for my daughter on sale about this time last year. There is the website but they are also is most Sears stores now.

marilyn said...

Goodwill shopping all the way! They just had their 50% off sale for Labor day and have one a month here in Northern California. My daughter and I love to shop there. We came away yesterday from one shop with 6 tshirts for me and 4 shirts for her for $15. I have a HUGE collection of t shirts with funny or stupid sayings on them and can go the whole school year without repeating and I didn't break the bank getting them all. New, they are $15-20 and at Goodwill 50% off I pay $1.50.

Quiltingranny said...

We tried Lands End and nothing she liked would fit her and what would fit is not what she liked. We have also tried Macy's, Nordstrom, Sears, a few sites specifically for modest clothing that sell the burn out or sheer clothing in places and she won't wear those. Marilyn our local Goodwill is very hard to find clothing as it is all mixed in. Tried Ross, Big Lots, Marshall's and Kohls. We have a local shop I heard about yesterday and will talk to them, they sell tee shirts. Just so hard to find a nice shirt for young girls, thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

My daughter wont shop anywhere other than the mall. She is always looking for unique girls clothing, she has a different style then most. Thanks for sharing!