Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Need Fourteen Quilters to Please Step Forward For Aurora

I just completed this little match quilt which is really cute for an infant learning about colors and patterns and has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

We are quickly coming up on the Aurora Colorado quilt project to having completed quilting the entire communications department and today I should know how close we are to completing that portion of our goal.

If you haven't stopped by to visit our Facebook page please do so at:
Like us while you are there and help us spread the word.  We need this wonderful project blogged about and Twittered about and I can assure you this is real and everyone will receive a quilt.

Now, I have a very special portion of this quilt project coming up and I am looking for 12 very exceptional wonderful quilters to step up and say yes to making a quilt for 1 of each of the families that lost a family member.  

I have asked for 14 quilters because there were 12 who died, but the youngest had parents that were separated and one of them had a family and a fiance' and I think both deserve a quilt don't you?  I am trying right now to learn more about each one of these people and have already picked out one quilter for one family and she has agreed to do a nautical theme for John Larimer the United States Navy sailor who died.

These quilts should be as personal as we can make them and that is why I am diligently seeking out the People magazine edition that had information about each person so we can learn more about them and make quilts as close to them as we can.

This is an act of love. This is using your very being to design something very special.

If you haven't sent something yet, if you have been putting it off or waiting, if you know this is what you have been waiting for, please contact me.  I know many of you are amazing quilters with skills way beyond mine and I want these group of quilts to sparkle!

If you haven't seen what has gone out already look at a few of these:


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