Sunday, September 30, 2012

Two Toddler Quilts Wanted

As we begin the quilting/crocheting and knitting work of making blankets for the families of those that lost their lives, this project has been blessed to have people step up and volunteer to say they will make a special quilt for those family members that were left behind.

What our project needs right now is someone or two someone's that haven't stepped up yet, a lurker waiting for that perfect moment to say, 'I can do this, this is the project for me, I want to do this!'  I know I have someone that wants to get involved that hasn't yet so now is your time!

Jonathan Blunk was 26 years old when he died that night in the Aurora murders/shootings/tragedy. He was a United States Navy veteran who threw his girlfriend on the floor and shielded her from the bullet he took himself.

Jonathan was also the father of 2 very beautiful little ones, a 4 year old little girl named Hailey and a 2 year old little boy named Maximus who will never know the joy of their fathers arms, the smell of his shaving soap, being lifted high in the air by his strong arms and nothing we as quilters can change that.

We can make them each a wonderful and beautiful quilt to let them know we appreciate the service he gave to this country, the fact that he was a certified firefighter and EMT and gave his life helping others survive.

I didn't know Jonathan, but I know we can give his children something to keep then warm at night and let them know that someone who never knew them cared enough about their father and the tragedy to say they care.

I can see a quilt or quilts with fire trucks/ boats, etc. on it or them.  Use your imagination.  

Won't you step up to make these two little ones a hug from a quilter?  If you have been thinking you want to pay some kindness forward for something someone did for you, now is the time.  The cost for fabric, batting and postage not to mention your time is so minimal to the blessing you will be giving these two beautiful children.

Remember the kindness you give today, will live on in someone else forever.

I would love someone to step up and complete both and would love it more to have an international quilter step up and make these.  How awesome to receive a gift from another part of the world to bless these children.

Aurora happened on July 20, 2012, just over 2 months ago.  While it has been buried under news of the Emmy's, the Snooki baby story, numerous other star stories, we cannot let it be forgotten, we must reach out to these families and to the wounded and say we won't forget, we can't forget.  

We still care.  I am looking for a quilter to step up now and say they will do it.  Not a quilter who has already sent quilts, but someone else willing to reach out and help 2 little ones. Please contact me!

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