Friday, September 28, 2012

Silence Isn't Always Golden

I guess it depends on how you look at my blog, to some of you, silence may be very golden. HAHA!!

First off, I am not overly thrilled with the new way Blogger has changed and that has had me deciding whether I will continue blogging on a regular basis or just pop-in once in awhile.  That decision is still being determined.

Secondly, my grandson has been extremely busy with football and all his games have been away and while I love to travel and watch him play, sitting in the stands and the travel aggravates my Fibromyalgia which in turn aggravates my back issues so I have spent the past 2 weeks just trying to take it easy and work on a few more Aurora quilts.  I have 2 I am working on.

I recently sold one of my baby quilts which will in turn pay for more fabric to make more quilts for Aurora. I am so thrilled this project took off the way it has and that the entire communications department was covered and we are now moving onto the victims families of those that were lost.

The city of Aurora has stepped up and taken over for the communications department who we wrapped entirely in quilts, you are all amazing!  Several departments are stepping up...Victims advocates will take the ones for the families and wounded.  The police department will take what we have and pay it forward and pass them out to those in need and the fire department is taking them to pass out to their people that were on scene.  If you still would like to become involved, contact me!

My Fibro also flares up with stress and this week there have been 2 major stress factors in my life:
#1- We have a shared driveway (easement) with a neighbor and it got nasty on Sunday. I won't go into the details, but it looks like now we will have to hire an attorney just to be able to park in our own driveway.  It has also caused me to become a bit more reclusive and not go outside because I don't want confrontation.

#2- My youngest son and his wife are struggling to make ends meet, their little ones though well cared for, have no structure...going to bed at 0300, no reading, no teaching and my granddaughter who is almost 4 is not potty trained, she doesn't know the difference between a clock and an apple and failed every test given to her for pre-school as well as refusing to allow them to test her hearing or eyes.  We are thinking of taking them for awhile but no decision has been made yet as it would mean we would have to find a larger home and so far, we have not had much luck in that arena.

#3- My husband has been on vacation all week which gives us time to spend alone while the kids are in school and he helps me with dinner and chores around the house so I can rest and heal.  It is a blessing and causes a bit of laziness because running the kids to everything that I do when he is working, he graciously steps up to help.

I cannot tell each of you how blessed I feel that we have completed our goal with Aurora communications and have now moved onto the families and victims.  I hope those of you who haven't stepped up yet will do so now. It would be shame to not be able to complete quilts for those who suffered so much in all this and will for the rest of their lives.


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Sara said...

There is no easy solution when dealing with bad neighbors. Sorry to hear they have added to your stress.

Breaks my heart to hear of your grandbabies needs. Hopefully you will find a way to be there for them.

We currently wish we could trade houses with our oldest daughter to give them more room for kids. But we don't live in the same city so it isn't possible.

I'll be thinking of you - and hope you continue to blog. I would miss reading your thoughts.