Thursday, September 20, 2012

Aurora Colorado Quilts Updates

It has been awhile since I updated what is going on with the Aurora Colorado tragedy quilt project and want everyone to know what has happened.

First of all everyone, thank you so much, we did it!  We completely quilted the entire Aurora Colorado communications department, all 83 dispatchers and in the midst of tragedy, several of them have made quilts for others as well.  Paying it forward is what it is all about!

Secondly, Aurora communications is no longer our point of contact for sending quilts, so if you have quilts you have been waiting to send please follow the information I have listed here from Deb Smith of the communications center.

For quilts for specific families and the remaining 59 victims please send after October 1st to this address:

 If you have quilts for Aurora here is the latest information I have. Please everyone, please do not send quilts to this address until after October 1st as requested: Victim Services will handle the distribution of quilts to the victims and families. Delivery requested on or after October 1st as it is a small department and some of them are away on well deserved time off: 

These will be the quilts for specific family members and the remaining 59 for those that were wounded. If you would like to make a quilt for a family member, please contact me as I have several people working on these already and we do not want to overlap.
Mailing Address for Victim Services:
Aurora Police Department
Victim Services
c/o Carole O’Shea
15001 E. Alameda Pkwy
Aurora, CO 80012

The police department has said this:
This is from Aurora Police Department:
Chief Jones of the Aurora Police Department has asked me to relay a thank you to your group for your thoughts. They recognize your heart-felt desire to help all affected by the shootings and your kindness is sincerely appreciated and acknowledged. The police department has made the decision to “pay it forward” and donate any quilts already designated to them

to local hospitals and shelters. He asked that you not collect any additional quilts on their behalf. If you have quilts ready to go to first responders you can send them here and they will pass them out to those in need:
Aurora Police Department
c/o Agent Carrigan Bennett
District 2 Detectives
15001 E. Alameda Pkwy
Aurora, CO 80012
If you want your quilts to go directly to first responders, the fire department will gladly take them and distribute them to those members that worked the tragedy:
Your contact for the fire department is Fire Chief Mike Garcia. He was touched by the gesture of support and is happy to be your liason.
Mailing address for the fire department:

Aurora Fire Department

c/o Chief Mike Garcia

15151 E Alameda Pkwy

Aurora, CO 80012


Melinda Cornish said...

You were so sweet to coordinate this. You are appreciated as always!

jennifer robin said...

I agree Jean!! You are one very special Lady!!! Glad to call you my friend!

Hugs to you!!