Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thank You Dear Blog Friends

I have amazing blog friends and have been blessed beyond measure when it comes to receiving so many wonderful and sit on the floor and cry gifts.

A few years back I began randomly receiving fabric and to this day, I still do not know who sends it to me. It just shows up at my door in a large box, some new, some used, but it is always a treasure to go through.  Thank you for doing this, it warms my heart, excites the grands and speaking of them...they have also received little things tucked into the boxes...candies, small goodies.

Then there was Dayna who knew my sewing machine had stopped working and that stopped me from making quilts for others and she sends me a brand new machine.  That wasn't amazing enough later she blessed me with an AccuQuilt Go Baby!  I still cry when I use them and feel very very blessed!

There are others who have sent my grandchildren goodies when I am in apron swaps and never forget to include them.

There are those who have reached out and helped lift me out of the darkness when my depression has hit and there are also 2 very special women I have never met but they are very dear to my heart, because I have followed their ups and downs, joys and sadness and they have blessed my family so much.

Melinda Cornish at if you get a chance, stop by her blog and see all the wonderful things she does, from her swaps she joins to her animal portrait/quilts to her Artist Trading Cards. Melinda is one of those women who has been to hell and back and is still hanging in there with a smile.

Over the years Melinda has made my grandchildren the best and most wonderful Valentine Cards for their teachers and they are still hanging up in the teachers rooms.  Looking for something unique?  Contact Melinda, her fee's for the work she does is minimal and will have you asking for more.

Melinda stepped up to make the family quilt for John Larimer's family.  He was one of 3 military men killed in the Aurora shooting.  I was blessed to have money left from a donor to the quilt project and ordered Melinda some very special nautical fabric for this quilt and I cannot wait to see it when it is done.

Melinda has gone through things that would bring a lesser person to their knees and she has been on her knees but still hangs in there (Thank you Lord!) and yet, she always thinks of others!

The other person I think of is my friend Sherry at: she is another lady who inspires me.  When I first met her they were living in a small home and then they were blessed with a larger home from a church her husband worked at.  Then things took a turn and they had to move and through it all, this woman perseveres with her crocheting, her swaps, her wonderful talent and imagination and oh her family!

Sherry has 8 children that vary in ages from young to over 30 and I believe around 14 or 15 grandchildren and she just loves each and all of them and makes the most wonderful gifts for them and she isn't the only one, her daughter (I hope this is right) Mallory is very talented as well.

Sherry has blessed my grandchildren and I with numerous pairs of fingerless gloves and I wear mine all the time due to my Fibromyalgia, they keep my wrists warm and help keep away some of the pain, the grands of course wear them as a fashion statement.

If you are looking for something unique and cute that screams I AM AN ORIGINAL....head over to Sherry's Etsy shop: you will find some pretty amazing and adorable gifts.

Many times Sherry's family has been without a car or a computer, but you just never hear her complain, she uses the library computer and now they have a nice car!!

Sherry stepped up and said yes to making 2 wonderful blankets for the children of Jonathan Blunk ages 2 & 4 years of age whose dad was also one of the military men that died being a hero in Aurora.  I asked her and she said yes.  With the last of the funding I have received, the postage will be paid from Sherry's to the babies.

Two women who could easily have told me no, they can't afford it, they have more than enough on their plates, the holidays are coming and they will be to busy and one of a million different excuses they could have found, but instead they said Yes!

People like Dayna whom I have never met in person, had enough faith in me and this blog to believe I was in need and blessed me with such kindnesses a sewing machine and an AccuQuilt.  Never would I have imagined all these women in my life!

Thank you each and everyone of you who have entered my life and blessed me with your own blogs, prayers and virtual are amazing and I am blessed!

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Naila Moon said...

I have read your blogs for awhile now and I have to say how much you have blessed me today without even knowing it.

I live here in Aurora and the people here are healing but are also still reeling from such a tragic event.

Your outpouring of love, as well of that of other bloggers, has not gone unnoticed.

Peace today to you,
Naila Moon