Saturday, October 13, 2012

How Do You Handle A Sleeping Bear?

I love my husband I seriously do, but I no longer know how to deal with his nap fits.  Do any of you experience this?

Seriously, he lays down on his days off to take a nap between noon and three and we are talking religiously & when he does, he is like a hibernating bear....when he is woke up and I no longer no how to handle his behavior because frankly it is arrogant and obnoxious!

If anyone calls the house during these hours, he gets angry and we have tried placing the phone on night mode or lower the ring and nothing makes him happy unless it is unplugged.  

If anyone is outside talking loud enough to wake him up it upsets him.  If the mailman idles in front of the house to long, if a loud car drives by, if someone stops by the house and knocks on the is becoming a pain in the tush!

The oldest granddaughter usually puts a note out that states the grouch is asleep please do not knock or you will pay for it.  How sad, but so very true!

If he goes into the basement, I must sit upstairs very still or he wakes up.  I walk to hard without shoes on so I must put shoes on, if the couch comes down to loudly he will come up angry, if the dog is walking around to much, if the kids are laughing to loud, I am beside myself on what to do.

I have tried to tell him the world doesn't revolve around him during his nap and I even suggested he purchase ear plugs. Nope, he won't and nope it doesn't.

Today 2 of the 3 grands have been puking, so I made some Ginger tea not giving it a thought...he came up the stairs hollering...for over an hour you sat in the chair without moving, but let me lay down and you can't stop moving can you?

I am at my wits end. He gets up every day very early and I get that, he works very hard and I do not work and I get that, but this damn obsession he has with his nap and that everything has to be perfectly quiet does not bode well with me for many reasons and several being I have no control over people and I have no control over what they do.

I am open to suggestions as this is just crazy!


Clueless_Mama said...

Wow! I bet that is really hard on you. I wish I had any kind of suggestion for you, but that is a tough one. Do you have a garage space that you could make into a nap area for him? I hope you get it figured out soon. Nobody likes a grumpy bear:)

autumnesf said...

Life doesn't stop for a nap. Children don't ever stop. So as long as there are children in the house it IS unreasonable to expect quiet. He needs earplugs. It IS too much to ask a family to STOP LIFE so he can lay down- and really he knows that. He has the answer he just needs to act on it. But you know all that. So sorry he is being unreasonable on this one issue. Its seems we all have our one thing we just can't be sensible on! LOL! Good luck!

Dogmom Diva said...

Wow, that is hard. I grew up with a dad that worked nights and slept during the day, we could never have friends over and had to be just doesn't work that well for kids does it..has this just started or has he always had the need for a quiet nap? Wondering if something is going on, maybe some depression or anxiety? I hate to even mention it but if it's just started recently, something is going on with your good man...just a thought..Hang in there and I hope the situation improves..