Thursday, October 18, 2012

Angel Tree Ministries

Many of you know our situation and that my son is in prison and every year since 2007, Angel Tree has blessed his children through one of our local churches. I donate to Angel Tree ministry and last year the grands, hubby and I worked the Angel Tree kids day at the church that reaches out.  

What amazed me is this church is very small and yet its members always give generously and last year they were able to not only bless the local children in our community whose parents are incarcerated, they were able to reach out to another community on the east side of the state and cover that area as well.

If you want less crime, bless these children of prisoners that did not do anything wrong and yet they are punished over and over again for their parents ill doings.  

Perhaps you live in one of these areas in need and can get your church involved. Perhaps several churches can work together to reach out to these children.  While you are sitting there with your Starbucks reading this, I wonder if you are saying...'I can't do this I don't have the money.'  One Starbucks per month every month will help.

Do You Live in an Underserved County?
Every year, Prison Fellowship assists churches in ministering to the families of incarcerated parents through its Angel Tree program.  Angel Tree is a ministry that reaches out to the children of inmates and their families with the love of Christ, offering churches an opportunity to share Christ's love by serving the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the families of prisoners.

During the Christmas season, local church volunteers purchase and deliver gifts and the Gospel to children in the name of their parent behind bars.  Thousands of families are served every year by church members who generously give of their time and resources.

Unfortunately, the opportunities to minister through Angel Tree often exceed the number of volunteers in certain areas.  Below are the 50 counties in the country with the largest number of children signed-up for the Angel Tree program that are not yet assigned to a church (as of 10/16/12):

County (State)  Unassigned Children
Los Angeles (CA) 3,617
Cook (IL) 2,862
Dallas (TX) 1,742
Fresno (CA) 1,623
Maricopa (AZ) 1,259
Hillsborough (FL) 1,163
Duval (FL) 1,137
Bexar (TX) 1,137
Wayne (MI) 1,011
Shelby (TN) 958
Clark (NV) 945
Orange (FL) 912
Miami-Dade (FL) 798
Marion (IN) 761
Escambia (FL) 742
Philadelphia (PA) 732
Guilford (NC) 675
San Bernardino (CA) 669
Cuyahoga (OH) 669
Summit (OH) 656
Tulare (CA) 631
Pinellas (FL) 607
Kern (CA) 603
Douglas (NE) 594
Lee (FL) 541
Davidson (TN) 535
Winnebago (IL) 530
Palm Beach (FL) 521
Saginaw (MI) 505
Jackson (MO) 504
Greenville (SC) 493
Cameron (TX) 478
Polk (FL) 455
Champaign (IL) 452
Volusia (FL) 450
Spartanburg (SC) 449
St. Joseph (IN) 442
Hidlago (TX) 434
Lubbock (TX) 428
Salt Lake (UT) 393
Macon (IL) 390
Essex (MA) 366
Mecklenburg (NC) 361
Will (IL) 354
Tarrant (TX) 352
Hartford (CT) 349
Santa Clara (CA) 345
Webb (TX) 344
Saint Lucie (FL) 343
Genesee (MI) 333

To learn more about the Angel Tree program, and how you and your church can get involved, please visit

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Amy said...

what a great thing to do. I have donated to Angel Tree and Salvation Army in my areas.I know Christmas is not about gifts, but children need to know people care in so many ways.