Saturday, October 20, 2012

If You Had A Name, Would It Change Your Mind

Would it matter to you if you knew the victims of the Aurora tragedy by name?  If you knew something about their life, would it change your mind and make you realize you will probably never use all that fabric you are saving in your stash?

Would it change your mind and make you get involved if you knew you really could make a difference, that these people are genuinely touched by the generosity of those making quilts?  Would it make a difference if the victim was a military member, a parent, a hero?

What would make you reach out and get involved and help those families who lost loved ones in such a horrific manner?  Would it have to be someone from your home town or where you live now?

Let me say that this morning I received a message from the friend of Jessica Wingo a 32 year old mother of 2 children, an United States veteran of the Air Force who had just landed a brand new job in Aurora she not only left behind her children, but her mom and dad as well and 100's of friends who loved her.

The friend wrote me and said it would mean the world to her family members to receive quilts and know their loved one has not been forgotten and that people care about what happened. What I heard is the pain they are in and how a quilt would comfort them.

The holiday season is fast approaching these days will bring agony for the families and know this first hand because I too, have lost a child, my mom, my dad and my heart splits in two during these times, but I know I can soften the pain by reaching out to others, by hugging my grandchildren a bit tighter.

Sadly, Jessica will never see her grandchildren and her mom, dad and children will never hear her laughter or feel her hugs again.

Will you step up and make a quilt for one of her family members?  Will you bless this family and let them know you care?  Will you step up and help a family who will hurt for the rest of their lives because the holiday season is for making others lives better?

Please, contact me so I can give you further information on how you can help and now is the time to do so. Stop sitting there and saying to yourself, that someone else will do this.  Get involved and chase those holiday blues away if you suffer from them the way I do at times.

YOU can make a difference, the only question now, is will you?

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