Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sewing Machine Opinion Needed

I have a friend who is looking to purchase one of the following two sewing machines and she has done her homework and knows there are both pro's and con's on each one.  She sweetly asked my opinion to which I have never used either, but I am pretty sure perhaps one of you my readers will know about these and be able to give us a great opinion one way or another.

 Brother PC420 PRW Limited Edition machine and the Janome DC2012. If any of you have one of these machines or has used one, can you please weigh in here for her?  I have used Brothers in the past and absolutely loved them, however I am very unfamiliar with Janome's.


marilyn said...

I just bought the Janome for my daughter. I don't have that model, but do have a Janome 1600 DB P as my quilting machine and love it. It goes and goes and goes and I've worked it on over 800 quilts for the last 3 years. Still going.

Pam said...

You can't go wrong with a Janome. I've had two. Recommended Janome to my quilting friend. She bought one and loves it.