Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beautiful Nautical Quilt for Aurora

If any of you have ever followed blogs by Yarni Gras or Shawnee then you will recognize the name and blog of this quilter.

It is none other than the wonderfully talented Melinda Cornish from Melinda's Fabric Fancies .

If you know Melinda, you will know she is kind, generous, funny and very talented and she is a giver.  

I needed someone to create a special quilt for the girl friend of slain United States Navyman John Larimer who died saving his girl friend in the Aurora tragedy.

I needed someone to give it the nautical feel and Melinda stepped up in a big way.

This journey has been a journey of not only giving, but being able to bring people from all over the world and all walks of life together to bring warmth to those who have lost so much.

If you get a chance to stop my Melinda's blog please do so.  She is such a wonderfully creative person and so giving and even though she has lost so much in the past few years, she still manages to try to help others.

Right now she is trying to give a very special little girl a birthday...hop by and see if you can help! 

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