Thursday, November 29, 2012

It Nevers Fails....

So, my husband and I have been looking for a new home and while at  times it can become frustrating due to the fact we are only seen anymore as the number on our credit score and not who we actually are, we have to find alternative ways to locate housing.

To say we have been blessed with offers many times is true.  The first home we were offered was absolutely amazing, 2 stories, a butlers pantry, built-ins, radiant floor heating. However, the bedrooms were on the bottom floor, there was no egress out and the windows in each room were up near the 10' high ceilings and so small a child couldn't get through them. We passed due to safety concerns.

The second home we were offered is an old and very beautiful mansion in our area. I loved the laundry on the second floor because that is where all the bedrooms, closets, dressers are. Sadly, it has a huge bulkhead wall in the back of the property that is falling down and getting worse each day as well as the driveway looks like it had been in a severe earthquake or a mine field and would need to be redone so when you pull out, you don't take the under carriage of your car.  The owner was not willing to do either of these repairs...we had to pass.

The third home we were offered has been gutted and completely redone, however is is missing everything a family with 3 children needs...fixtures, cabinets, tubs, sinks, etc.  We could probably put them in at a friends contractor prices, but how long would it take?  Not to mention the back of the home is less than 4' away from the home above its retaining wall, it rains alot around here if the wall slips it would be in our house....we passed.  Then, a few weeks ago during a hard rain, I drove by this home again. Water was pouring off a hill next to it and puddling in the yard. So glad we passed!

The fourth home was an acquaintance of ours who recently purchased a new home and needed to sell theirs. It was also very beautiful, however the laundry room is in the basement of the home and the stairs were exceptionally steep and the basement while it has a sump pump was very damp.  Had to pass on this one due to I cannot go up and own stairs all the time to carry laundry.

The fifth home was so N A S T Y, I can't figure out why anyone would offer it to us as I know the person who made the offer sure wouldn't live in that place.  It was falling apart!

The sixth home which the owner would carry, is amazingly beautiful. Sadly it is right next to an abandoned home and down the street from a house I saw a crackhead come out of and I am not putting my family in an area like that.

The seventh home I am still wondering what happened.  We met the owner, she loved us, she made us an offer of moving in and putting the amazing yard back to where it should be and we could have the first month rent free.  We would need to put so much down and pay so much a month at 7% interest and they would carry the loan until such a time (5/10 or more years) that we could repair our credit and finance it.  The down and $250 a month extra would go towards the down or closing costs.  We walked away knowing we were moving.  However, the concern here was the home was being offered by a realtor and they could not back out of the contract. We would have to live there in the hopes it would not sell via the realtor and show it.  We told her we didn't feel comfortable about that. The next day we received an Email (this from a woman who called me several times and talked to me about how much she knew we were the family for this home...she wanted to bless us, love the kids) saying sorry, let someone else have it, you didn't appear to be interested!  Wow!  What can I say? Wow!

None of these homes however are in the area hubby wants to move to so he doesn't have so far to drive each day. It would be a great area to raise the grands and such a nice area, but nothing has come from this area.  A few bad rental offers on homes I wouldn't put my pets in.  But no clean solid homes.

We can't move into a home or should I say won't move into a home that is on the market, moving isn't for wimps and older people and I am sadly a bit of both. I want to find that perfect place to raise our grands and move 1 time and stop!

So, with this said, look what we came home to after a 3 day trip out of town:
This is wet wood floors and moldy walls in our granddaughters bedroom closet. For the last month or more I kept telling hubby I smelled mildew in their closet, I even purchase a small closet dehumidifier, Renuzit solids to get rid of the smell, but it always felt damp to me.  

Hubby to humor me more than anything I am sure, crawled under the house checking all the pipes and ground and declared no leaks, no water droplets, all clear. Then he went into the basement and removed our ceiling tiles and said he could see no wetness.

We decided it was probably just the fact we lived in an old uninsulated house....that was until we came home last week and the girls and I were straightening up their closet.  This is what we found, wet floors and mold.

Hubby went back and checked and still no water!  Monday a contractor friend of ours stopped by after talking to his wife.  He asked about a roof leak. No, our roof is just over 4 years old, I am pretty sure we would know if it was leaking and besides hubby goes up and checks after wind storms to make sure all the tiles are still there.

Oh!  If we only knew!  It appears the roofing company #1- Didn't install enough ventilation in the new roof 
#2- Didn't install the shingles correctly
When our friend went up, he came down and said, the attic on that side of the house is full of mold, the wood sheeting is soaking wet, the nails are rusting and dripping water, you have a mess.

We are now waiting to hear from the insurance company since they paid for the roof to be put on and here is what we found (it is raining again) this morning:
The water has spread to the opposite side of the closet now and is working its way across the the mean time, the girls are sleeping in another room, soon it will spread into their room and the roofing company?

They say they will come out and add some new vents, the mold will disappear and the sheeting will dry and be fine!  I think NOT!

We had just contacted a realtor to sell our home since we are upside down by over $30K or more on our loan. Now we have mold!

Never fails does it?

Still, it will get repaired, we will be blessed with a new home.  God works in His perfect timing, not my timing!


Sara said...

Just what you don't need - more stress! We are dealing with a roofing & insurance nightmare too right now. But at least it isn't causing damage like your situation. After our huge hail storm last May we had to replace our roof. Insurance company forced us to use a cheaper company that was not local instead of our nephew's local company. BIG mistake - because now our roof is different colors in different sections. Insurance company doesn't care, roofer says it's his suppliers fault. Supplier says roofers should have noticed - not his problem. We have not paid anyone yet.

I'll keep my prayers going and fingers crossd for you to get a new hone soon.

New York City Roofing said...

A good way to keep your roof from ever leaking and or malfunctioning from the norm; I always recommend to my friends and neighbors, set your sights on getting seasonal checkups. It helps A LOT! God bless, and have a great day. Very nice post!

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