Tuesday, December 4, 2012

If I Disappear...

Dear Blog Friends:
     If I appear to disappear for awhile, please know I wish you all a wonderful and joyful Christmas season and a blessed New Year.
    Several things have happened in the past week in our home that have caused me to have concern:
  1. My computer got a virus and while hubby fixed it I am still have sporadic problems so I am operating off his old one and it isn't so great...he told me last year and I now agree...shoulda got a MAC!
  2. We discovered mold in our granddaughters bedroom closet along with moisture in the wood floors and cannot find the reason behind it....
  3. Our new roof that was put on 4 years ago is damaged, wet and leaky from the contracting company not putting in enough vents....while it is over grands bedroom, we do not think this is the reason for the mold as the walls and ceiling in that closet are dry.
  4. Our insurance company Liberty Mutual will not do anything to help us and matter of fact have blatently trumped up claims we never made so now we are battling them and we felt so secure with Liberty Mutual....they say we have 3 claims,however, we have only ever made one...be careful if you have them, calling them to inquire about an issue constitutes a claim somehow in their mind...a battle to fight
  5. The contractor company will put in new vents but do nothing for the mold...so now we are faced with do we stay or walk away from our home....it is to expensive to remediate mold issues and the grands have been sick for a week now!
So, if I disappear, know it isn't by choice and I haven't dropped off the map, we are just dealing with some major issues!


Sara said...

I'll keep your family in my prayers!

Melinda Cornish said...

I am praying for you...let me know what is going on.