Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sadness Abounds During This Holiday Season, Please Help

I don't have the words to change the tragic events that have happened this year, I wish I did. I don't have a magic wand to wave and change that they happened, I wish I did!

What I can tell you is I know the pain that will never go away from the hearts of the parents that lost their children yesterday. I know the pain of celebrating holidays missing a child, crying over the milestones of  turning 13, 16, getting a license, first prom, high school graduation, 20, 21 and wondering what would my child have looked like, what would his life had been if only....Jacob Daniel had been allowed to remain on this earth longer than his precious 18 months of life.

You see, I too lost a child. Not as tragically as those parents who lost their children yesterday, but tragic all the same because a parent should never ever outlife a child.  I have held hands of those parents, I have been the bearer of bad news to some of these parents, it is always fresh, always raw and the words are never going to mean anything because the pain just overtakes you.

How many gifts will go unopened this Christmas?  How many vacation plans or trips to grandma's will be replaced by funerals?  I know the pain.

You see, my son passed away August 6, 1979 (33 years ago) and it still hurts!  My birthday is August 8th and the pain for many years of having a  birthday 2 days after the anniversary of loosing a child was to difficult because I didn't want to celebrate, I wanted to mourn, my son was buried the day after my birthday, August 9th, 1979.

I divorced, remarried and became pregnant in 1981.  On August 9, 1982 I went into labor and believe me when I tell you the pain of having a child born on the very same day I had to bury a child was far more worse than labor pain.  Here I was, with my wonderful new hubby (yes I divorced) who was so excited and all I kept saying, is this baby can't be born today.
How would I celebrate the death and birth of a child on the same day?

God had other plans, my son entered this world on August 10, 1982 just after midnight and where his baby brother weighed in at 11 pounds, he came in at just under 10 pounds.

I tell you this story, because once again there is a need to make quilts for families of a horrible tragedy.  Once again there are quilts to be made for police officers and communications technicians, teachers and while this may NOT be your timing, it may be the holiday season, I want you to think about all those families that won't be celebrating this year.

Reach out and send a quilt with a card, let them know you care:
For those of you contacting me about quilts for families in Newton, here is an address to mail them to:Newtown ECC Dispatch Supervisor 3 Main Street Newtown CT 06470 Make mention of 911 CARES so they know you are part of our "family of support" Share this post and PLEASE respect their request for no phone calls for a few days until things quiet down a bit.

**I know it is Christmas and the holiday season, but I am going to say right out of the gate we need to get at least 150 quilts to the victims families, teachers, police officers and yes, communications department. To those of you telling me you couldn't do it for Aurora, please help us now**

Yes, I know only 10 more days until Christmas but before you say no, remember these families will never experience Christmas the same way again. So while you are enjoying Christmas with you families, I ask you to please make a quilt for one of these families, take a picture and send it to me so I can share your generosity.

Please, Christmas is about sharing, won't you help?


jennifer robin said...

I was going to reach out to you about quilts for Newtown, CT, and was wondering if you new how the break down of boys and girls were in that class room? Thought I would make small quilts with an appliqued blue or pink angel on them. What do you think?

Love Of Quilts said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. I think prayers are what they need now more than anything else we can do for them. Merry Christmas.

Naila Moon said...

As with Aurora (where I live by the way-thank you),I do not quilt BUT I will put out the request on all my social media and help get this ball rolling.
You are one special lady.

Naila Moon