Monday, December 31, 2012

A Great Ending To 2012

I am not really into sitting in front of the television and worrying about the Fiscal Cliff, the politicians don't give 2 shakes about any of us, this country or anything else unless it helps them!

So today, I kept busy watching the snow flurries we had for several hours, keeping the home fireplace going and making bread and quilting.

I used my Kitchenaide mixer I received for Christmas to make these two loaves of Cinnamon Bread and when they were taken out of the oven, all delish, golden brown , I cut it for the grands and you could still see the steam coming out of it and with some Brummels and Brown yogurt spread, one loaf disappeared very quickly.

We saved the second loaf for tomorrow for breakfast, it will be wonderful to have on New Years Day!

Then the granddaughter asked if she could make her pillow.  The last time we were at Joann's she begged me to purchase this fabric so we purchased 2 fat quarters and today she made this all by herself.

She picked out the thread she wanted and I guided her on how to thread the bobbin and she used my bobbin side winder (she is so mesmerized by it). Then she pinned the two fabrics together and learned to pin up and not down as she got stuck several times!  But she just laughed!

We set the stitch she wanted for the pillow and I forgot to change out my 1/4" foot so the first stitch she made busted the needle...ooops, NOT her fault.

Once we put the ZigZag foot on, she insisted that I sit and watch only, she could do this on her own and only asked for help at the corners.  I told her to clip her corners, check to make sure it was all stitched and then she went in and ironed it by herself.

Then as I was working on finishing up hubbies Christmas quilt (yes, he got it in pieces with the promise I would finish it soon), she sat quietly next to me and stuffed it all by herself and sewed the opening closed.

She even overstuffed it so it can be used to sit up in bed and support her back when she is reading or doing homework.

Tonight, we have had pizza for dinner, the neighbors are doing fireworks (I really do not like them when our homes are so close together, but they are legal until midnight in our area), hubby is home and we will sit and watch television, hubby will turn in early and I will say up until the noise settles down.

Happiest New Year my friends, may 2013 show this country heading in the right direction and may you all be blessed with good health, good friends, family and jobs!

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Patty said...

Looks like your granddaughter is following your footsteps in the sewing department. She did a great job on her pillow. And that's my favorite color!!