Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Quilt for Newtown Communications

Isn't this an amazingly beautiful quilt?  It was made by a retired police communications operator here in Washington state whom I have never met. She did an amazing job and when you read the label she is sending with it, you will cry!

This quilter retired dispatcher put so much thought into this, I just cried!
When I see quilts of this caliber, when I know someone is reaching out to comfort someone with a quilt because of the kindness of their hearts, it just makes me continually thankful to be a member of the quilting community...

The quilting community that isn't afraid to give and to reach out to help others in tragic situations like this.

Thank you Pat!

1 comment:

Mhairi said...

What an amazing note and how wonderfully thoughtful. I love this idea and wish I could hug Pat.
Such a great celebration of the communication officers job and the amazing work they all do at times like this.