Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Need 9 Quilt Angels To Flutter Their Wings

 Have you had a chance to look over and through the pictures on my blog over the past 5 months and seen the amazing work and wondeful love that people from all over the world made and sent to Aurora?

Trust me when I say, I could not have even accomplished half or what some of these wonderful angels did and the sheer numbers of quilts they sent in.

I am a quilter, but I am also the vessel for which the information gets out and you all are the most wonderful and amazing group of people I will probably never get to know face to face.

I wanted to post some of these pictures to let you know I have just received a very special request from an organization that helps communications officers.  They asked me (maybe with a little dread that I would say no...) if we could make 11 quilts by mid-end January for the communications center.

 I truly hope I wasn't wrong when I said yes, we can do it!
We can make 11 wonderful quilts to wrap them in love from all corners of the world or at the very least the United States.

I am asking those of you who said no last time, didn't respond to my request to please step up this time.  The organization said they would be willing to send out pre-paid shipping labels if anyone needed assistance.

They will need to be completed by mid-end January because they will then be packed up and personally delivered by the director of the organization to show them how much we care and the organization cares.

This has to be an absolute commitment.  If you tell me you will be making one, I need to know you will and it will be finished by our dead line.

So, what do you say?  Can I get a few out of the country quilters or new quilters to step up and say yes?

I know to send international isn't cheap but perhaps several people can chip in and help to get one across the pond and ocean to these wonderful people who endured so much during this tragedy.

I will take the first 9 people to step up as I already have 1 made and will commit to a second!  When you say yes, I will count you in. When you say done and send me a picture you can let me know then if you will need assistance with postage.

Thank you all and Blessings!


Mariana said...

Hi! please tell the size they need to be.
Im in argentina, so it will be dificult to send it in time, I can't commit but i can try my best.

Rachel said...

I will make a quilt! I've been looking for something I could do, and this is it! I am a new follower and found you through another blogger.

rondiquilts said...

Hi. Just prompted to come to your blog from another I was reading. What organization are you referring to that helps ocmmunications officers? Just curious , as I am one and a quilter too! The communications officers working that fretful day have been on my mind. Our job is not an easy one and most of the time we are forgotten that we are first responders too. What about the communciations officers that were working the state police post that responded that day too? Are they able to receive a quilt too? Just curious.
Contact me back or direct me where to go for more information as I would love to help and maybe do it as a joint effort including everyone in my communications department.

Betsy Lynn said...

Yes, I would be honored to help out. Please email me the info.

Krista said...

I'll make one. Please let me know the size that would be best (I'm assuming large lap size?).

Thank you for organizing this.

Krista Withers said...

I will make one. A pre paid shipping label would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for organizing this.

pcflamingo said...

We've already spoken by email and I committed to making a quilt. I'm just finishing up some Christmas presents so my cutting table isn't clear yet and I am SO READY to get started on this project! I have the pattern picked out (in my mind) and my fabrics too (I have to move my Christmas bins out of the way).

Pat in Auburn, WA

kbzelazny said...

I have a quilt I just finished, that I would love to donate. It is reds and pinks with a Valentine theme. Give me the address, and I will get it in the mail right away.

stacke1 said...

Do you still need volunteers? If so, please email me.