Sunday, January 20, 2013

Angels Behind The Tragedies

I am so thankful to all of you who have stepped up to help me find a new name for the quilting page and with the help of a few of you and some thinking, I am going to change the page name to I.C.E. Angels (In Case of Emergency Angels).

But right now, I want to show you some of the behind the tragedy quilts that have been made for Newtown communications as I feel it is important for those of you who haven't made one for Aurora or Newtown to know there are those who are stepping up and someday you may be asked to help again.
The one at the top center was made in and sent from Hawaii. The wonderful angel that made this one also organized other quilters and made Hawaiian themed quilts for an Aurora victims daughters.

This one on the right which is so beautifully squared and colorful is being sent out from Alaska.
This one on the left?  That one was made by a retired 911 police/fire dispatcher and they don't stop here.

We had an Aurora communications officer make one for a victims family while she was trying to heal from the tragedy herself.

A high school teacher from Vacaville sent over 50 quilts from her group of quilters and the list goes on and on of the people that stepped forward from across the United States and across the world.

Life happens, life gets in the way, I get that. But everyone of us have life we are dealing with, health issues, family issues, money issues, job issues, but so do I and so do these people.

The difference is, these people stepped up and said, count me in, let me help, I want to make a difference even if it is just a small quilt to wrap someone up in warmth.

Some people have stepped up and said, you know I have UFO's that I can't finish, but I will send them off if someone else will finish them and those UFO's have made a difference. Others have said they have finished quilts just sitting in a closet and they have sent those.

My point is, think about your community, your family, your friends, what would happen if some horrible tragedy like Aurora happened?  What would you do if your or those you know lost everything as many did in Hurricane Katrina? 

Wouldn't you want someone to step up and say I don't know you, I will probably never meet you, but I care? When everything you owned was destroyed or the very fabric of your believes were tested, wouldn't you want someone to wrap you in a quilt and will be okay, someday?

I know to this dispatcher (communications operator), a strangers kindness of a quilt to her and the others in her center made all the difference in the world and her smile shows it. This quilt was made by an ICE Angel for Aurora.

The next time the call goes out, I hope you remember, you can make a difference even if you are a stranger!

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pcflamingo said...

What beautiful expressions of love! Thanks for the shot of the dispatcher with her quilt - that is an impressive display of electronic wizardry behind her. What I had to work with 30 years ago - one black & white CRT screen and a teletype machine - seems so primitive in comparison!