Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Quilt for Hubby

This was finally finished this morning at 0220 because once I start the binding, I don't want to stop until it is finished and it has been a very long time coming for hubby who received a finished top and a box of fabric scraps for Christmas.

It covers the top of the queen sized bed, has 2 layers of Warm and Natural batting in it, 2 rolls of top thread, countless hours of free motion quilting a few minutes at a time and on the outer border are the names of each one of our grandchildren all worked into the squiggle quilting.  What is more, is he knows it and it is driving him crazy on wanting to find them!

Today, I will add the label as he told me last night when the time comes to go home to our Lord, he wants this to be handed down to another member of our family and not tossed away and it will be important for them to know when it was made and who it was made for.

You know you said, Awwwwwwwwwwww and I sure did as well. I was surprised because so many times he doesn't like my quilting, but I think it was because he wanted his own quilt!

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Sara said...

Beautiful quilt and it sounds like he really likes it. Love the thought of quilts passed along to the next generation.