Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Son Joseph Has Been Found Safe...Thank You All

First and foremost I want to thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, kind words and sharing his picture all over the internet.  The man Joseph was with last night left him in a small seaside town in Oregon, very drunk and very alone and according to the police officer, very friendly and respectful.

This has been gut wrenching to us as one may or may not be able to imagine.  You try to hold up the positive while your mind thinks this time your child is gone forever. 

I cried this morning thinking of all the possibilities that could have happened, I cried for him because he is such a sweet man and yet has so many demons he won't get help.

But I can tell you for this experience, there are wonderful and amazing people that do all they can and then there are those that are the most ugly of society and while I am strong, I wonder about the parents and family members that many not be so.

One woman started off saying how maybe he just wanted to get out and go and that he didn't want to be found and how she had to let her own son go and I understood that and if it was so, all we wanted was to know he was okay.  You see, he doesn't own anything but the clothes on his back and has no money...

The next post she was kind, but by her third post she had decided I wasn't who I said I was, I wasn't Joseph's mother, I was making things up.  Then she actually had the audacity to look me up and post my blog, this blog to let everyone know how to find got more people interested and looking!

After that she got into my FB account and posted about my college degrees stating I should have been able to help my son more with those.  First, my degrees are not in mental health or social work and secondly, I have taken my sons cause all the way to governors office in California at times but you can't help someone who doesn't want help!

You see....he has been in group homes, he has had his own place, he has even over the years had a job....eventually, he always returns to the streets and his family in the town he lives watches out for him!

From there, she attacked me because I had a treadmill for sale and she felt I wouldn't be selling my treadmill if my son was missing....when people die, our lives go on, when someone is missing, our lives go on. 

I was called names I won't repeat, I was told I was horrible, he was sighted here or there and I should be headed to go find him in the end, I realized while the internet is a great tool...there are many sad people out there that just want to hurt others.

I finally told this woman to contact the police department I was dealing with, talk to the detective I was dealing with and tell her that she has absolutely nothing to do with the case, beleived I was a hack making up stories and she wanted to know all about the case...WOW!!

It wasn't the things aimed at me, it was how cruel so many people were at others trying to help.

Then, there were many amazing people that stood up and said STOP!!

I am glad I am strong, I am glad I can hold my head up and I am so glad I have people like you that know who I am and helped me by praying!


jennifer robin said...

I know how caring you are Jean, and I know what it is like to love someone who lives on the street and manages to survive without your help.
Like you say, you cannot force someone to take your help. I will continue to pray for Joseph, and hope he will find his way to get the help he so desperately needs. I am here to listen to you when you need me.

Forever friends...

pcflamingo said...

What good news to know that Joseph has been found. My brother Jay used to do the same thing to my mom and dad and suddenly call them from, say, Missoula and ask them to wire bus money so he could get home. The worst time was when they got a call from him from prison in Salem, Oregon AFTER he had already been sentenced. If he had called for help BEFORE, they could have gotten him a decent attorney and he might not have had to do hard time. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

That woman that was giving you such a hard time clearly has mental issues of her own. I know that this is not the end of your roller-coaster ride with Joseph, but for now, I'm glad you can know that he is OK.

(Pat C. in Auburn, WA)

Pokey said...

Some people are so incredibly IGNORANT to think they have a right to know all the answers, and obviously has never had to live/deal with a person with mental health issues.!!.. I am sorry for the pain she may have caused you, Jean. You are remembered in my prayers today for the kindness you have shown to me and so many others, and for your dear prodigal son ~
hugs, pokey

Beth said...

Such relief that your son has been found and is safe. Many prayers were said for him and your family. I know your helplessness and frustration. My 32 year old son died last year after many years of susbstance abuse, I pray that your son finds help. One of my nightmares was that my son would disappear and I would never know what happened. God spared us that, he slipped away at home in his own chair. Mental health issues are so hard to deal with. I do understand, I've been there. God bless you, and you will remain in my prayers.

Sara said...

I am so glad to know he has been found and is safe. And I do not understand people who feel they have the right to treat others as the woman treated you online. Shame on her!

autumnesf said...

Wow. All I can say is what comes around goes around. I'd hate to be her.

Shouting to the rooftops that Joseph is found!