Sunday, March 17, 2013

This was our home for over six years and when we moved in, I promised hubby we would never move again. We are older and have moved over 25 times in our 32 years of marriage. Some were military moves, but we always did it on our own and now that we are in our 50's, we are tired of moving.

We painted our cottage purple because living in Washington it is very frequently gray, cloudy, foggy and rainy and everyone paints their homes to match. I wanted a place to come home that offered peace and comfort!

Sadly, the neighbor next to us destroyed any and all sense of peace we would ever have.  It all boiled down to an easement granted to both homes in 1940's. I wasn't around then, so I don't know the reasons someone would grant an easement to a home that already has a driveway, garage and parking.

But it turned ugly. The neighbor was constantly parking her vehicles there and blocked our entry and exit into our home as pictured above and they have one other vehicle parked in front of this one...the cement wall is actually our stairway to our back door.

I have years of these pictures not only here but blocking us entirely from entering the driveway.  They threatened repeatedly to have us towed from our area (out of view) of the driveway, didn't share in any of the maintenance as they were supposed to and did whatever they could to harass us. They would place things on our wall when they were working on their home, they had a truck parked in the area of the blue vehicle for over 2 years and yet...

Finally, we couldn't do it anymore.  When you discover hiring an attorney would cause more headaches and more money and no matter what the outcome you would still be stuck with snarky neighbors and it was unhealthy for hubby and I.

Just coming home was giving me heart palpatations, my blood pressure would become elevated so high I was getting dizzy and hubby became sullen and withdrawn.  These people were poisoning us with their viciousness!

We tried praying, walking the driveway and praying, being nice and it didn't work!  

Sooooooooooo, we moved and here is our new yard and circular driveway. Nice and quiet!


JustPam said...

There are always bad neighbors no matter where you live. The one in my current neighborhood is right next door to me. They patrol the neighborhood and report any infractions that they believe exists just to harass people. (We have a homeowner's assoc. I hate it.) We put a privacy fence up on their side to keep them out of our business as much as possible. They are the pariah of the neighborhood. Fortunately most of the other neighbors are wonderful and we just try to laugh at these people. I guess they could be worse. They could be your old neighbors!

Farm Quilter said...

I am so sorry your had to move, again! Don't you wonder if your snarky neighbors were God's way of getting you to where He wants you now? Love the solitude of the new place!!! Enjoy it :)

Love Of Quilts said...

Wish you well!