Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quilting Blues

I am seriously missing my quilting!

Our old home (The Purple Cottage) had a huge basement where we had set up a quilting area for me to work in.  It had my cutting table, sewing table, bins full of fabric and 2 bolts of batting and plenty of lighting.

In the basement it was cool and quiet, I had a telephone, television and it was my escape from my depression, the neighbors, stress and I was to unwind.  It was also downstairs because when I did laundry, I could not go up and down the stairs, so the family would carry it all down for me and I would remain until it was done.

Hubby even had built me a box for my washer and dryer to sit on so I didn't have to bend at all to reach the laundry, it was so easy to put laundry in and take it back out. When everyone returned home they carried the folded laundry back up stairs for me.

When you have Fibromyalgia, you figure out a way to enjoy your hobbies and your life with adjustments to your old way.  I adjusted in that house because I had no choice and on the days I couldn't quilt due to the stiffness and pain, I would lie on the couch and read!

I had a small sewing area upstairs as well.  Hubby had converted a closet to a sewing area by adding shelves, lighting and electrical. It wasn't huge but it was wonderful to be able to sit down and sew on a patch on a scout uniform or find a pair of scissors  

In our new home, there are no closets to convert, no basement to convert, but hubby is doing all he can to make space for my quilting because he knows it is important to me to reach out and help others.

Right now, I can see my quilting table, but I can't reach it.  I can see my cutting table, but I can't get to it and honestly even if I could, it seems the sadness of moving has taken an unexpected toll on me...I am wiped out, totally exhausted and once the kids are off to school all I want to do is sleep.

I think it is my bodies way of trying to mend a bit as when we were moving, I had pneumonia and had to keep going.  I didn't pack, cart anything around, but the driving back and forth between homes, taking the kids to school left me drained of all energy. There were even several days hubby had me stay home in bed.

I miss my quilting, but most of all, I think I miss the fabric.  The feel, the smell, the colors and textures, the creativeness of it all.

So, bear with me my friends, soon the dust will settle and I will be able to pick up a quilt pattern and fabric again and quilt. Maybe not so fast, but I will post my progress.

Thank you all for your blogs that allow me to see quilts in progress!


Sara said...

Hang in there! Your body and soul will take some time to heal and then you will be ready to quilt again soon.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Your body definitely needs the rest. I've had pneumonia several times and it was a long road to recovery. Baby steps! Buy some extra fabric to play with....grin.

Farming On Faith said...

Praying for you today.

This too shall pass. I so understand~ I hate moving I am about to list our house and I am praying I do it better this time!

Have a wonderful day ~

Dogmom Diva said...

I hope you are able to start quilting again soon! It's so hard to settle into a new home, takes time..just take its a day at a time. I'm glad you left the problems behind at the other house, those neighbors seemed like such a nightmare. I understand, we went through much the same thing about 15 years ago and sold our home of 19 years..best move we ever made although it didn't seem so at the time..Hang in there!