Monday, April 8, 2013

A Very Nice Showing of Quilt Space

From Beaquilter, here is a picture of her wonderful new sewing space with her long arm quilter! Wow!

You really must stop by and see her beautiful new working space. Open, airy and very nice!

Or how about Marjories amazing space?  Oh how this one reminds me of my old basement:

I am sorry but I am having such a problem learning how to get pictures to download on my MAC, that at this time I can only link to them.

Check out Just Pam at and see her wonderful long arm as well.

Then there are smaller spaces like Cherry McAllister over at Humboldt Cherry who sews on her kitchen table and then this last picture of my tiny but lovingly made sewing closet in our last home!
Small but there were many lovingly made quilts that came out of this closet!

Out of here, my body is telling me time to rest again!

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