Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Calling All Cat Lovers

Our family has never owned a cat until my granddaughter talked my husband into one. I was raised around barn cats, but we did not have cats growing up.  Frankly, I am just not a fan of cats in the house.

Well our little KC has been spoiled rotten with the exception she cannot be in our room, I don't like cat hair on my toothbrush, in my sink or being woken up with her running around at 0330 in the morning!

She is a regular at the vet from the time she was a kitten, she is up to date on all shots and was spayed early on.  We have cat poles and scratch pads all over the house and a huge litter box she has always used...until today!

Today, while my grandson was getting dressed, she copped a squat and pooped in his bedroom!  I know it isn't a dirty litter box, I just cleaned it yesterday, but what I did notice is she is urinating up the sides of the box and she hasn't done that before.

Her food is the same and she really likes it, I brush her, she gets treats for allowing me to brush her and she sleeps on one of the kids beds across from the bed the dog is on.

Matter of fact, for the most part, she and the dog get along well with the exception of the occassional swipe to the dog as she walks by the cat or the dog chasing the cat once in a blue moon, they respect each others space.

Kitty has not shred curtains, couches, etc.  However we have 3 cats that come to our window the last week or so and night before last she got behind our bed and tore up our curtains.  Last night she began that loud growl cats do and my husband chased 2 of the cats off.

We would never hurt an animal, however, if her behavior keeps up with the pooping and shredding I will have no other option but than to adopt her out and after having her for 3 years that doesn't seem fair, but I won't keep a pet that destroys things and poops or pees all over.

So, I am reaching out to cat lovers to ask for suggestions...is there something I can plant that will keep the visitors away?  I read Lavender but those babies get huge!  Anything I could sprinkle down the rain here would wash away.

Many in our area have up electric fences but that to me seems inhumane.

The vet said to NOT let her out due to fleas and other ailments she could get being exposed to feral cats.  So, I am in a quandry and asking for suggestions.




Slightly Off Quilter said...

I know that you have recently moved, and just as moving to a new place is unsetteling to us umans, our animal tend to be even more so. Most animals by nature are territorial, so the new location could be a cause for kittys behavior changes as she struggles to make the new house her home too. Also the urinating a nd pooping could very well be her trying to claim her new space esspecially if previous owners of yr new home had animals thqt hqd marked it as theirs previously.

Yarni Gras! said...

get 2 more litter boxes...she might be getting ambushed. That happened to Suki at first. Leo would let her go in and then wait until she finished and attack her. Once we got the extra box, everything settled down......

Cathy said...

I am new to your blog. I have had cats for 40 years and I agree with the first poster. A move is major stress for a cat. Your cat is making this new space her own and the behavior will stop. Other than that they pee and poop in odd places if they are not well. Vets can prescribe something for stressed animals. On your own you could try a product called Rescue Remedy. It is an herbal tincture that calms animals and people. You can find it in Health Food stores or some pharmacies. I have safely given this to my cats and dogs for years. Just a few drops with the enclosed dropper daily just may help. Put a few drops on her paw or nose. She will lick it off. Much easier than putting it in her mouth.

Good luck! I will visit your blog again.