Monday, April 15, 2013

Country Living Not At It's Best

When living in the country, the toolies, the sticks, the back woods, whatever name you choose to call it, you have to learn to roll with the whatever comes up when it comes up.

We have been getting hammered for several days with pounding rain that makes one wonder if it will rain for 39 days before it stops.

We take advantage of the in between downpours by running outside with gloves, grocery bags and weeding tools and while the ground is wet, pull weeds for the area we want to plant a small garden in.

Hey, when life gives you lemons.....

However, yesterday something happened and our well pump quit working and tripped a breaker.  Having been given no instruction whatsoever on what to do in this instance, I went out to the pump house and flipped the breaker back on.

I completed a load of wash and started dinner.  It wasn't until dinner when I got myself a glass of water did I notice the water was brown and had floaters in it.

Last evening it had so much sediment that hubby had to pull the sink filter off and my washer lines must be clogged because the washer water was coming in so slow, I had to pour water into a gallon pitcher and dump it in the washer.

Lucky for us, I have always insisted on having a few gallons of bottled water on hand...just in case!

Having lived in AZ where we had pool pumps that required filter changes and back washing, hubby thinks this might be what is needed, however as stated, when we moved in here, no one gave us any instructions on what to do with the pump.

Luckily, we are renting, so will call our wonderful (and I mean that) landlord/leasing lady and see what she can have done.  At this point hubby states the pressure at the pump has dropped to about 25 PSI as well.

We are expecting we will have to flush the hot water heater, the washer lines and other lines as the sediment is pretty heavy just coming out of the kitchen sink.

This is what living in the country is all about. Being able to punt sometimes instead of all out kick the ball. But you know, I wouldn't trade it for what we had in the city at all!          


Love Of Quilts said...

I do hope you get it worked out. I remember the problem I use to have with a well pump.

Quiltingranny said...

We have been letting the water flow all day off and on in the sinks and tubs and hubs came home and drained directly from the pump.Time for a filter!