Friday, April 26, 2013

Embarrassed To Ask For Your Vote

Years ago, I wanted to give my husband something special for Christmas and NOT something that could be found anywhere else.
So, I turned to old quilt magazines and began looking for something that would catch my eye and make him smile.

Over the years, I have done some silly things to be unique such as taking a brand new Levi denim jacket and completely taking all his old patches and pins off his old one where the elbows were gone, the collar was off and prayed he didn't pull it out of the closet before Christmas.

His eyes just sparkled when he asked me how on earth did I do that and where did I get the idea? Love, it is love!

Then there was the year an internet funny was going around about a remote for a man that would control his wife...I took one of those cheap press the light flashlights, wrapped it in a little box with an opening for the light, encased it in foil and cut out the instructions.

It was an absolute hit and everyone still laughs about it and he still attempts to use it telling me I gave it to him broken!

Another year I did our old RV in Tony Stewart design though I am a Petty fan through and through.

My husband loves fishing and while he hasn't gone since moving to Washington state and that breaks my heart, the first year we were here I made him this wall hanging for his office:
I took this picture and submitted it to Michelle over at the
 Quilting Gallery along with 66 others that are spectacular and seriously make mine look pretty rustic and childish.  But, hubby loves it and believe it or not, I made it right under his nose because he never pays attention to my quilting!

The most difficult of this was finding just the right rod to hang it on and while doing some clean up for a neighbor, I found this twig and it just made the perfect hangar.

So, you can only vote once, but I would so appreciate your voting for my hubbies wall hanging.

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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

You got it. This is so cute!