Thursday, April 25, 2013

Please Help Me Choose

As many of you know I am quite involved with making quilts for first responders (police dispatchers, fire and police officers) and with your help we have made a difference in Aurora and Newtown and wrapped not only the dispatchers in love but first responders.

I do my best to work closely with Kevin over at 911 Cares/PSTC to get information out so that those of you who want to share can and that leads to this post.

I still have the facebook page up for Aurora, but since we met that goal and sadly there are other tragedies people are going through, I am currently working on setting up or trying to set up an non-profit for quilters to reach out to others.

There first comes over 250 pages of reading, then a registration of my organization must be completed just to let the state know my intentions, then you have to register another area so you can take donations whether you are non-profit or not.

This is not for the squeemish, it means knowing how to do accounting because you cannot have your non-profit account mixed in with your private account or you run into IRS issues and I do not want those.

Then you have to hope the bank will even open an account for you. Then do I go with PayPal to make it easy or just make it a money order/check only type of deal or set up (another cost) the ability to do credit cards.

This is just a few of the things I have to think about. This doesn't even being to cover having a board of directors, setting up corporate rules, a mission statement...I need an aspirin already!

So thanks to Vicki and a few others, I have dwindled down my choice for names for my corporation and would like all of you to vote for your choice.

1- Quilting 911
2- Layers of Hope
3-Quilts in Need

So, just go to the sidebar and post your vote!


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