Sunday, April 14, 2013

Healing My Body

As many of you know, I have been exceptionally sick since basically February and this has been a mean and wicked sickness that has baffled my wonderful PA.

First, it was pneumonia and it was treated with antibiotics and Prednisone (Steroid) and whatever rest I could manage during our move. True to hubbies credit, I slept for 3 days without moving anything.

Then comes a few weeks ago and back to the PA, my lungs were filled with fluid, my ears were filled with fluid so badly my drums were almost flat.

Sadly, back on the antibiotics and steroids. Finished them and nothing, I could still feel fluid and now I was coughing up streaks of blood when I could cough up anything.

PA added allergy pills and another round of antibiotics and said to R E S T.

I have taken to wearing a dust mask when vacuuming and being outside when anyone is mowing or when I am walking and on nice days I open my windows and place fans blowing out in them as well as running an air purifier in the room I am in.

I may be rounding the corner, while my lungs seem to be much clearer, my ear still has fluid and hubby has told me to add a decongestant to my regimen feeling this needs to drain.

In the mean time, I have taken to naps, sleeping in on the week-ends and laying around. Not because I have been told to rest, but because I am so exhausted and run down due to all the meds in my system that took my immune system down, I have no choice.

I feel physically depleted!  My back spasms have started back up with a vengence and I am sure it is due to the steroids somehow.
My Fibromyalgia has flared with a vengence and those meds are not even beginning to touch the pain in my hips.

A friend gave me Vitamin B12 and I have been taking those sublingually (under the tongue) and my mulit-vitamin, but now I am looking for ways to build myself back up.

I am not Gluten intolerant or lactose intolerant, I just don't like dairy but have gone back to eating a small amount each day to help my digestive track.

I have read a bit on the Paleo diet, does anyone have any other ideas?

I am desperately looking for an all natural way to help my body repair all the damage the illness and medications have caused and I am open to anything with a few exceptions:

1- I won't do anything grassy...wheatgrass, lemon grass, etc.
2- I don't do Okra or Eggplant
3- I don't do seaweed, algea or raw meats or fish
4- If it smells or tastes bad, I can't do it

I am happy to report through this all I have not gained any of the weight I lost, but sadly it set me back because I was hoping to do a 5K walk for our local high school scholarship fund and I know without the aid of my walker that can't happen.

In the meantime, hubby has gone to the old house to retrieve my walker from the attic. Appears in the mornings I am back to using my old friend.

Vitamins, minerals, herbs...I know many of you know more about these things than I do and I just want to heal!             

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Mhairi said...

Not sure if it will help but apparently a Mediterranean diet is supposed to be good for Fibro sufferers. Lots of oils, not a lot of bread and fish - think Greek food. I know I have found a couple of Mediterranean cook books online for free download that have been great for me.
Also, if you can bear it, try to get a Vitamin B12 injection - they are so much better than the tablets as they are pure B12. I think you can have them every three months or so. They work wonders for some people.
Finally, if you can't bear the Greek diet try adding pure olive extract (not oil) to your diet. It is better than fish oil for Fibro - again, this is just what I have read and your doctor might advise against it with your other health stuff.
Hope you feel better soon.