Sunday, April 14, 2013

Starting A Garden

We have moved to what is lovingly known as the rock capital of Washington. It seems anywhere you dig, mow or till you hit rocks and lots and lots of them. Seems our area during the ice age or millions of years ago was a river and these are all nice smooth and round river type rocks.

Still, it won't stop me from planting some type of a garden and though hubby keeps telling me, 'Not in the front yard!' I think he knows I am going to plant in the 'front yard.' 

It is mulched, no rocks and the kids have been working their hearts out several times a week pulling weeds and I am talking 5 grocery bags at a time full of weeds.  It is almost ready....needs some all natural grass killer and maybe a Hula Hoe and it will be ready!

In the meantime I will probably have offended many of my Franciscan Desert Rose dish collectors because I took 2 pieces of my collection and you guessed it, converted them to planters!

Desert Rose Herb Planters
    The teapot has given me years of pleasure, however the bottom became pitted and rusty and I didn't want to just toss it out, so I planted Oregano in it.  The small saucepan I never used so into it I planted Basil.

 This is the second planting of Oregano as the first was doing well and then I watered it one day and just the water from a glass hitting it caused the plants to keel over.  Oregano in its early stages is extremely fragile!

 I have it covered during the night with plastic wrap and during the day it sits on the dog kennel next to a window that allows the sunlight to come through.

You can see the Basil is coming up nice and strong, but it is still to early in hubbies planting opinion to thin it and heaven forbid we don't want it outside yet as our weather has been crazy!

Yesterday is was a torrential downpour in our front yard and the back yard was sunny and sprinkly. It was so odd that Seattle got pounded with a hail storm so terrible it collapsed a store roof.

So had these pretties been outside, they would have been toast.  

Still just knowing I can grow something makes me feel a bit better and hubby is looking to plant a few fruit trees for us.  My goal is not be a perfect homesteader, but perhaps eat as much as we can off our own land.

Now, if anyone knows how to talk hubby into allowing us to have 2 chickens for eggs...let me know!  He said we would have to eat them as well and I said...'nope, I ain't no plucker,' eggs are one thing, killing them, plucking them and cooking them isn't for me. 

When things get tough, I will not be the Hunter, I will be the Gatherer and the Quilter.  


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