Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Need Quilting Help Making a Circle

Last year sometime I won a wonderful quilt pattern and fabric to make a large round Valentine Table Topper designed by Barb Gaddy.

Now that my sewing area is somewhat workable (I am still hemmed in by cabinets and the chair I have is NOT going to work),
I made a small project yesterday....
This little pillow to go on my bed with the other 2 square pillows. With my back issues, I use lots of pillows when I am resting!

So, I then decided to go into this huge box labeled (PROJECTS) and dig the one out from Barb.

However, I need to take the fabric and make a 28" diameter circle out of it.  She states it can be drawn or use 2 pieces of a huge drawing pad.

I have no pad and I cannot draw a straight line let alone a 28" circle.

So, I am reaching out to you my bloggy quilting friends and asking for your help.   The other option is she shows a square table topper and I can change gears and go square!



Sara said...

Your pillow has such pretty colors - will look great showcased on a bed.

My circle trick is to put a pin in the very center and tie a string to it. Anchor well. Then use the string to carefully go around and mark the edges of the circle at whatever size needed. Works like a charm!

Hilary said...

so pretty!

Mhairi said...

I was going to suggest the same as Sara, but I also have used plates etc that are basically the right size and then add the extra with a ruler and join the dots.
So if you have a 24" plate, draw around that, then add 2" to each side of the plate - I usually do this at about 1' intervals around the circle and then connect the dots - if you are afraid of drawing freehand, use a ruler, even if the circle is not completely round, it will look round once you are finished.
Hope this helps.