Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nicely Done Husband, Nicely Done!

Sewing Cabinet
 My husband can always find the most amazing bargains and he didn't disappoint this time at all.

When we moved into our new place, it had wonderful kitchen cabinets, however for our size family, I only had 4 drawers and really not enough space.

Hubby went on a search for decent shaped and decent priced cabinets and stumbled upon these.

Let me tell you, there was no expense spared when these were made I don't know what type of wood the doors are, but they are heavy, made with fancy European hidden hardware and the boxes themselves are solid wood, not particle board.

He got eight of them for under $400 because the home they were taken out of was a custom log home and while the owners were on vacation flooded due to a bad well pump.  The bottom cabinets were a complete loss but these were the tops and they are awesome!

Hubby placed some cut 2x4's under the base of this one so he could attach the doors and they would open and shut with the carpet and now I have a small storage cabinet for my quilting/sewing supplies.

The baskets came from my good friend John, the Accuquilt from Dayna, the Sizzix I won from Sew Cal Gals Wounded Warrior auction, there are 2 small tackle boxes and to make things even better...hubby donated to me yesterday (well okay, I grabbed it before it hit the trash) an empty nail box that had a hinged/snap shut lid!   


Here is my quilting area.  The table was a computer table find at Goodwill for about $15, I love the 3 large windows in the mornings, in the afternoons the light from the open top windows can be to harsh so are working on that.

Notice in the corner I share my space with the cat tree and boy does she love just sitting and watching me from her perch up high. Probably because the dog is usually at my feet. But at times, they will share the space about 3' apart from each other. 

Yes, if you look closely, that is a window air conditioner on the right. Living in Washington when it hits 70 or higher the temps feel warmer and this week with the 2 days of sunshine we had the house was actually at 84 degrees and this momma cannot take the heat anymore!  

After spending 22 years in Phoenix in extreme hots or colds, I just cannot tolerate either!  So hubby installed a window air conditioner since our new place only has a furnace and not central heat/air.  He will eventually put our older one in the family room I think!
Quilting Space
Having a laundry space like the one I used to have with all the shelving, this one was built in a closet and at one time before we moved in had doors of some type. Hubby put 2 cabinets in the area so now I have a place for my garden gloves, tools, laundry items and other things.

Yes!  You do see some of our NASCAR collection on the cabinets.  I am looking for a cute rub on/peel off laundry saying to go above this area and maybe an old time wash board!

 This looks like one cabinet, however it is actually 2. The one of the right is a large and deep corner cabinet and the one on the left is long and narrow. Since they are over the freezer I have decided I will probably put things I don't use very often in these and free up more cabinet space in the kitchen.

This last one is up against our desk area. It is perfect to hold our printer, my starter plants so they get sunlight during the day and larger things I have no place for such as my jar canner and pizza pizzaz a friend gave us.  Which by the way is a saving grace in the summer when kids are home!

We may put a shelf in the top of this cabinet and it can hold small baskets of things I don't have drawers for.

So this was hubbies project this week-end and in spite of the fact that he smashed his finger pretty badly carrying one of the cabinets, that he had to deal with my silent migraines and keeping an eye on me and that he wanted to go work on the race car he and a buddy are putting together, I am feeling very blessed!

The other 2 cabinets? Well hubby is placing them in his shed, covering them up and saving them for when he says I get my own quilting house in the next few years.

I am just so pleased with the way the look!


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Deb said...

We must be kindred spirits from far issues and now I see you're NASCAR are we. I got hubby/son tickets to Kansas as a gift, and we've been to Texas, charlotte, Talladega, Chicago...othes he'd like to visit. Love your cabinets they're very nice!