Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ready For The Needle

So this is my first quilting project and it is ready to be appliqued.
I want to thank Barbara Gaddy for this really cute pattern and it went quicker than what I thought it would for cutting it out and backing it with Steam a Seam.

Now all it is waiting for it me to put it under my sewing machine and start appliqueing but that will be tomorrow. 

I won this kit probably a year or more ago and just felt very intimidated by making the large circle. However with some wonderful advice from all of you and hubby and my granddaughter  I took the project on with confidence!

Here is the adorable left over hearts after cutting out the open hearts. Who knew you could get 2 for 1 cut?  I gave them some Steam and Seam and think I will list them in my Zibbet shop for awhile!

At least I am ready to quilt!


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