Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Apologies

I know a few of you are my Facebook friends as well as my wonderful blog buddies.

Sadly, it came to my attention yesterday that someone has gone through some lengths to set up a bogus fake Facebook page complete with my profile picture and began sending out friend requests and many accepted.

I spent most of the day yesterday sending out Facebook messages letting all that were on the friends list of the bogus site that they needed to go in an unfriend themselves and then report the site as an impersonation page.  

Thankfully, many of the 45 did immediately or about 15 did right away and then during the day it fell some more.  

One thing that happened immediately is once I reported the site as being impersonating me, I was immediately blocked out of that site and could no longer see it.

I have some wonderful friends however that kept me posted during the day of who needed to be sent messages and still, some people are still on the fake site thinking it is me or ignoring my pleas to go in and remove yourselves.

So, let me first say I DO NOT have a new Facebook page and right now, most of all my information on my FB page has been removed, it has been a private site for a long time so I am not sure how they hacked me but they did.

If you are a follower/friend of mine on FB and recently went in and friended me again I am telling you right now, the site is FAKE, it is NOT me and you need to go in and unfriend the fake site.

I have contacted Facebook and left messages with their security, but as of late last night it was still up.

I am so sorry! I do NOT have a clue why someone would impersonate me.      

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Sara said...

I just don't understand people who feel it is OK to do harm to others whether it is physical or virtual. Guess I will never understand it.

I had my identity stolen about 20 years ago after having my purse stolen. It took a long time to clear things up. Very frustrating.