Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby Kayden's Quilt

This is the front of the baby quilt I made for Baby Kayden who is yet to arrive, but whose mom lost everything in an apartment fire when another apartment caught on fire and destroyed several.

I cut out a baby Koala and Giraffe and then placed the name Kayden on the diagonal with the matching fabric I used for the back.

The binding you can't see well, but I had extra from some shark fabric I used for my grandsons pj's.

Now all I am waiting for it the gas money to drive it the 45 miles to the mom or postage.  Lucky for me the lady who asked me to do this has lots of people that travel so we may be able to get someone to come pick it up!


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Sara said...

This quilt is so cute and will be treasured by the lucky baby and the mom.