Thursday, May 23, 2013

This Dispatcher in Oklahoma Can Use Some Help

OKLAHOMA ADDRESS: Tiffanie Cravens is a single Mom of three teen agers. She works at Oklahoma City 911 and lives in Moore. Tiffanie lost everything including her home. Send WalMart, Target or Home Depot gift cards. We do not yet have clothing sizes but assume she is starting fresh and needs everything like towels, slippers, you name it. Gift cards are best so she can choose her style and preferences. Oklahoma City 911 has agreed to be the "Marshaling Point" for any donations of almost new, new items or gift cards. Send them to Oklahoma City 911. Attn Tiffanie Cravens. 715 Robert S. Kerr Drive. Oklahoma City, OK 73102. Anything Tiffanie gets that is a duplicate will go to help a Moore PD Dispatcher with loss (we have no specifics yet on her) All usable donations will stay in the public safety family. 911 CARES! Share this. Thanks

If you can help please do so, this lady is probably still going to work everyday and she has nothing!

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